Sunday, January 11, 2009

winter walks

We frequently take walks with the dogs through our neighborhood. Last weekend we went to the trail along the creek by the high school. It is secluded and quiet despite being in the midst of the city. Everything is bare and stark this time of year, yet alluring. Today we visited the cemetery near our house. It is small, just over an acre, and dates back to the pre-civil-war-era. This resting place is peaceful and hauntingly beautiful. I love the simplicity and artfulness of the headstones and monuments marking the graves.


  1. I have always loved walks through cemetaries. Beautiful pictures!

    I didn't know Misty Mawn was your friend. I have loved her "angel people" for a while now.

    Love the little pig candle holder in your Christmas post.

    Gott nytt ar! (did I get that right? it's been a while...)

  2. beautiful...I took some cemetary photos awhile back. I loved it at the time and I loved the photos...for some reason, I have been afraid to go back...strang?
    xo t

  3. i love visiting grave sites, esp. in other countries. the traditions, the art, the language...beautiful. your shots are so serene in heathered gray and the details, graceful. we just visited a sprawling military cemetary over the holidays. the stoic order, the repetition and crisp white stones were breathtaking.


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