Wednesday, March 18, 2009

off to new york

New York City is the destination for our spring break family trip in early April. I am so excited. It was a long, long time since my last visit, and the boys have never seen this fantastic city. If you are a New York native, or a just a frequent visitor, I would love to hear about that favorite restaurant, fabric store, diner, consignment shop, art gallery, or hidden garden. The more ideas the better...


  1. I've never been to the US so I can't give you any ideas LOL But it sounds like a fabulous trip :)

  2. i will definitely come up with a list for you, but here are a couple to get you started -

    for the boys
    kid robot in soho

    for you
    purl patchwork is close by

    will you have a car?

  3. Oh, fun!

    A few favorites:

    The Conservatory Garden (part of Central Park - up on the northeast side) is magical.

    The Union Square Farmers' Market

    My parents keep raving about Pearl Oyster Bar.

    I also remember that just walking around the West Village in April was terrific.

  4. oh lotta where to begin?
    cindy's and tracey's are great choices!
    I think a nice alternative to the Circle Line is to try The Schooner Adirondack---it's a real sailboat and it's such a lovely way to the skyline and the Statue of Liberty...the crew is super nice serve free soft drinks (and free beer wine or champagne tot he adults!) and the kids get to help with the sailing! They also have blankets for when it's cold! (we do it every summer because it's so...genteel)

    museum of nat history for the kids of course...the imax movies are very cool.

    Mood Fabrics (made famous on Project Runway) is still a great place to go for every kind of fabric imaginable (you might have to google some of these things)

    I love the restaurant Blue Hill for a little splurge but also love all the ethnic eateries around the city and the boroughs...favorites are Chinatown: Famous Schizuan (across from Joe's Shanghai) for spicy Schizuanese food, Cong Li for Vietnamese on Hester Street near Chrystie, I love going to Curry Hill to eat South India Food (it's on Lexington in the low 30's) you can choose any restaurant showing their glories in the window and have delicious Masala Dosas)

    email me anytime if you have any questions!~ deb at bonbonoiseau dot
    so excited you'll be in the same city!

  5. yipes! where to start?!

    The Forbes Museum on 5th Ave., just above Washington Sq. Park, is a really cool, small, unusual spot. The boys would prolly really dig it.

    okay...wait, i've got to go get my list...

  6. Hi Lotta

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog - I am glad I have found your lovely blog too. I have not been to New York but if you like Modern Art I have been told that the MOMA is a must. Hope you all have a great time and write about your visit when you return.

  7. What a wonderful trip! I haven't been back since I was a kid. Have a fun time!

  8. You will have so much fun! I'm going to live vicariously!


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