Saturday, August 29, 2009


May I introduce Madelaine. She is standing guard in our family room, and I just can't take my eyes off her. I have wanted a vintage dress form for ages. Not that I actually sew clothes that often anymore, but I love the dress form's shape and life size presence. I spotted Madelaine on ebay and fell in love. Not only did she look flawless and had all parts intact, but she was made the year I was born! After some intense bidding, possibly involving a little too much money, she became mine.

I think she is even more gracious in person. The linen covered bodice is slightly worn in places, but that only adds to her charm. I wish she could tell me her story. Where has she been? What beautiful clothes was created with her help? There are traces of threads and fabric stuck in her iron wheels, so I know she has been used for real.

Her measurements are 35, 29, 38, and while our chest circumference is almost identical, I am sad to report that my waist and hip measurements are a few inches larger. I look at her and realize that since she has the figure I wish for, she may be the motivation I need to get back into shape.


  1. Beautiful Madelaine.
    Beautiful vintage.
    Wellcome home!

  2. I had a dress form once and I ended up having to put "her" away in a closet because I was startled every time I entered the room. And when the room was dark...? Holy begeebers, "she" made me jump out of my skin.:)

  3. love love love her
    wanted one forever..
    so very happy for you

  4. i love her! have fun you two ;)!

  5. ooohhh!!! I love Madelaine! I always have wanted one like this too...
    she will be happy in your home from now on! :))
    fĂ tima.

  6. What a peaceful, quiet place you have here in this little corner of the blog world.... I love your photographs. And Madelaine is certainly beautiful - so glad she found a home with you.

  7. Oh, Madelaine, how charming you look!

  8. oh so happy for you, lotta! she is a beauty. and i know you have been on the look out for some time now, which makes having her all the more sweet, i am sure!

  9. completely worth it - i have always wanted one, too.


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