Saturday, January 9, 2010

special gift – special request

My friend Mia gave me this delightful bracelet the other day, as a belated holiday gift and thank you token. I am especially enthralled with the fig leaf charm, which is a silver replica of my leaf print. Mia is a talented goldsmith and jewelry designer, specializing in beautiful wedding and engagement rings and elegant pendants. Last year she also introduced an adorable line of jewelry that can be customized from your child's drawings. Thank you for my treasure Mia!

Have you heard about the poppies, a fun and lighthearted series of awards initiated by poppytalk? The awards are not meant to be a true competition, but rather a way to highlight and celebrate talented crafters, designers, and artists. I usually don't fish for compliments, but if you feel inclined, I would love your nomination in the homemade housewares category. While there check out the other award categories. The nomination process ends on January 12, so hurry over and let the world know who your favorite creative people are!


  1. Mia's jewelry is stunning...thanks for sharing the link, Lotta!

  2. Beautiful gift!
    Thanks for the link!

  3. thanks so much for your comment - I wish you much success.

    all the best,

    p.s. you got so many poppies votes!

  4. love the custom piece from a child's drawing...that is so special :)

  5. Her work is beautiful - and what a treasure indeed.

    And I voted. Best of luck, dear..!



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