Monday, February 1, 2010

all white

The world is blanketed in snow outside my studio window. Inside I am sifting through my vintage treasure box. Most of its content relates to my family. Every monogram and piece of lace has a history. I come from a line of seamstresses. Not the professional kind, but the kind who sewed, stitched, and embroidered out of necessity and out of joy. Weaving, knitting, quilting, tailoring, crocheting, mending, and altering were my grandmother's and my mother's artistry. Their passion and appreciation were passed on to me. Some of their skills (not all) were as well...

Each time I visit my mom in Sweden, I bring a few more pieces back with me. My promise to her and to myself is that they will be used for a special project, a heirloom of heirlooms of sort. I don't know what shape it will take, when it will be done, or how, but hopefully it will be worthy to pass on to a few more generations.

A few belated thank yous are in order. Gay over at I dreamed I saw, included my geranium sachets in her sweet smelling post this weekend, and Elaine at nestingblog recently featured my queen anne's lace art quilt. Tusen tack! I also want to thank Denise from Hamburg, Germany, (lieblings.weerke) who picked my market tote as one of the items in her beautiful fig post.


  1. My grandmother and my mother have the same colection of handmade goods...white, crochet, and richelie, and all names I don´t know in english...I have some at home, for special occasions that don´t the photos...I should do the them.

  2. Love this!
    Same here, my mother, grandmother, husband's mother and grandmothers were/are all sewers, knitters and crochet-ers :) I was just pulling out my pile of doilies that my grandmother-in-law made for us. I LOVE that there seems to be this resurgence in learning and maintaining these skills right now. A decade or so ago, it seemed like it was dying out...
    That would have been incredibly sad.

    Your collection of heirlooms is gorgeous :)

  3. These are beautiful, Lotta. And as always, I love the calm, thoughtful way in which you reflect on your life and the people in it... You've created such a soothing place here... thank you.


  4. How beautiful!
    My grandmother (mormor) also had the gift and made amazing works with needle and thread. I too keep some of these treasured items with me here - on the other side of the world..


  5. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Lotta! I didn't realize when I first featured you that you're here in Virginia too. (I'm in Richmond.) Hasn't this been a crazy winter for VA? :)


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