Friday, September 17, 2010

casting on

I have come across so many amazing knitters since I began my journey around the blog world. Elena, Rachel, and Theresa, just to mention a few. Inspired by their beautiful creations, I decided to start my own knitting project this week. I can't call myself a novice knitter. Many years ago, pre-kids-career-houses-and other distractions, I knitted all the time. I would make elaborate sweaters and cardigans for myself and for people I love. But that was ages ago, and now I feel rusty and unaccustomed. Simple is the way to go. A plain sweater with a wide soft collar made from this stunning grey wool yarn is in the works. And I did remember how to cast on...


  1. I'm so happy I found you again.
    Have a beautiful week end.

  2. The yarn is a gorgeous colour. I, too, love knitting but I never seem to have the time to do it anymore. And I think everyone already has one or two of my scarves!!

  3. The yard is so beautiful...hope you enjoy a lot and show us your progress.

  4. I love it!! And your stitches look perfect...I have no doubt you'll be back to making beautiful and elaborate creations in no time. Looking forward to watching your progress on this sweater!

  5. funny timing...i just started knitting again this week and when i got home to ask my mom some questions... she showed me that i'd been casting on wrong this whole time! i'm just a scarf knitter, so it was no problem starting over...
    good luck with your project, lotta (beautiful yarn).

  6. just gazing at the yarn . art in itself.


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