Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A few birds landed in my mailbox, along with a sweet note from their creator Elaine. A simple message and a gift, that caused me to pause, smile, and think in the midst of the frantic work activities that dominate my life. Thank you!

I have been dreadfully absent on my favorite blogs lately. There has been no time for visits, and even less time for comments. I will return. I promise. Staying in touch with my creative friends, and sharing your experiences feed my soul. I miss you.


  1. Lotta..! I feel the same way... But so glad I was able to stop by here today, even if for a few moments... Your website is lovely!

    And your gift? Your gift is lovely as well.

    much love,

  2. no worries ... we've still got our eye on you!

  3. Don´t are so closed and you are so full of work...just try to enjoy and don´t worry about us...will be here

  4. love that bird..
    everyone is behind I think ;)

  5. And you feed our soul, too! I'll be thinking about you this crazy busy week. Sending you heaps of love and hopes that you find some rest and respite amongst all the other bits!


I always love to hear from you! I read every word and cherish every thought, even if I am not always able to reply back. Thank you for visiting.

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