Wednesday, December 8, 2010

from my hands to yours

These are the hands that make everything around here. They pick the leaves, mix the inks, cut the linen, make the folds, and thread the needles. They type these lines, tie the bows, and carry packages to the post man.

I encourage you to choose handmade gifts this season. There are still some goodies left in my shop or you can find other makers nearby or faraway. Explore the multitude of talented sellers on etsy, and big cartel. Visit your local holiday craft markets and shop in the small stores in your neighborhood. Choose something beautiful, alluring, and unique.

I will be at the Holiday Craftacular downtown Charlottesville this weekend, along with 15 other artists – all with hands similar to mine. Hope to see you there!


  1. Yes, and often don´t get as much as a thank you + a bit of a massage in the evening for their labors... + right you are about handmade gifts...

  2. lovely hands and
    so much cleaner than mine
    happy festive seasons to you

  3. Just to find your website is a gift. Thanks to those hands for making the world beautiful.

  4. Wonderful image and beautiful words.

    I second what Maritxikis said: you do make the world an incredibly beautiful place with your work and your words, Lotta. Thank you, always.

    much love,


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