Sunday, March 20, 2011

self promotion

Maketing, publicity, and pr are concepts that I struggle with. I am just not good at beating my own drum or tooting my own horn. But I do like to present myself and my work in a way that reflect who I am and what I create. Recently I decided to make some larger format cards instead of standard buisness cards. They were printed at my favorite local press in black ink on recycled card stock, and each of them will be adorned with a leaf print on the front. Even though more time consuming, it feels important to leave behind a small sample of my work for prospective customers to look at and consider.

Speaking of promotion... I recently listed a new piece in the etsy shop that I really like. It is a textile collage of eco printed linen and silk, hand stitched and mounted on a small stretched canvas. I call it whisper, because the imagery is barely there, it seems to be floating under the fabric surface.

Lastly, my garden blog is revived. The garden is such a huge inspiration in my life and my work, and I am glad I finally got back to documenting the exciting things that always happens there. Happy spring!


  1. Hi Lotta,

    As usual, your work and images are gorgeous! I'm happy to see you've revived your garden blog...I look forward to following along...Cheers! :)

  2. I think almost everyone struggles with promotion and marketing. You seem to be doing it with integrity and grace, so don't worry too much.

  3. fine cards, and whisper is a very good piece. self promotion is so hard, it looks like you've got something working well for you.

  4. Your cards are lovely and definitely reflect your style. I'm at that stage too, researching, learning, deciding how best to promote my business and products, I struggle with that side of things too. 'Whisper' is beautiful - and I'm so excited to have found another garden blog to follow, I have one too as the garden is definitely a source of inspiration.

  5. Lovely cards...really simple and nice.
    And your recent work...beautiful!

  6. Hi Lotta,

    I was feeling what Lainie wrote, so I'll just say "what she said."

    Happy Spring, I can't wait to visit your garden blog.


  7. The cards look so elegant, I love them!

    Camila F.

  8. your cards look great and for sure you can feel proud of handing them out or sending those off to others!

  9. and excellent self promotion it is

  10. a beautiful reflection of you . i love cards that are creative and organic ...


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