Thursday, August 9, 2012

round trip

Returning home after an extended vacation is almost as exhilarating as taking off. I am sitting here in the studio trying to recap three wonderful weeks away, sifting through notes and photographs, and sorting through my thoughts...

The first week was spent with family and friends in southern Sweden. The weather was gorgeous and we were offered a plentitude of delicious meals and refreshing drinks. Our evenings were laced with engaging discussions, laughter, and friendship. We criss-crossed the region via train, bus, and car, visiting museums, shops, and cosy restaurants. We swam, basked in the sun, and strolled. It was the most perfect of times.

Paris was the destination for the second part of the trip. We arrived wide-eyed and ready for everything the city of light has to offer. The beautiful apartment on the left bank had a roof top view of the Eifel tower and was the base, for our daily excursions. We quickly came up with a long list of favorites including; Degas painting The orchestra of the opera at Musée d'Orsay, the tomb of Heloise and Abelard in Pere Lachaise Cemetery (what a love story), Papier+ in the Marais quarters, the Victory statue in the Louvre, the all out meat dinner at Relais de l'Entrecote, the kitchen store of all kitchen stores - E. Dehillerin, the stroll through the Porte de Vanves flea market, and getting to know Eva Besnyö and her beautiful photographs at Jeu de Paume. The list goes on, but it is still the everyday experiences that are the true highlights when visiting a new city, such as fetching fresh bread from the bakery every morning, walking down a narrow street at dusk, overhearing a conversations at the lunch table, perusing the market for fresh fruit, and going to bed at night with aching feet and a mind overfilled with new impressions.

Happily back home, I admit that we were ready to reunite with the dogs, sleep in our own beds, and cook a simple meal in our own kitchen. That is what vacations are for. And I am itching to get back to work, to continue pieces in progress and start on things totally new. Somehow the experiences from weeks past will make their way into the process of making and creating that I love so much.



  1. welcome home. lovely shapshots of your trip, such beauty.

  2. oh wow... great photos, love the one of the 'rare book' store.. I could some very pleasant hours in there...

  3. Look at your Paris images were like looking at mine from last uyears visit!xxglad you had fun..l love the placex

  4. Good to know good old Europe has done you good...

  5. Oh my!!! Your pictures showed exactly what I would have done, seen, touch, eaten...sounds lovely. It has been over 16 years since I've had a the meantime, I enjoy blogs such as yours...inspiring..many thanks!
    Maria Neill

  6. Look a great journey this year.
    Lovely photos from Paris and those familiar ones from Sweden.
    Hope you have come back full of energy!

  7. your travels look wonderful! welcome home and thanks for sharing your pics with us arm chair travelers!

  8. Love the images from your trip - wow! I can relate in that I just returned after being away from the studio for 4 weeks (and home). It's been three days and I'm still recovering. :) So enjoy your blog.

  9. Ah,,, your country. My brother lives in Vasteras and I come A LOT!!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, Karen


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