Monday, February 25, 2008

the american craft show in baltimore

I took a road trip this weekend to visit the American Craft Councils flagship show in Baltimore. I am considering applying to one of the ACC shows, and wanted to find out more about the event and how my work would fit in. I was in for a treat - there was an overwhelming amount of talent, creativity, and energy represented at this show. The ACC now has a selection of artists specializing in green craft, and the effort to promote emerging and alternative craft trough their searchlight and new wave programs are admirable. I met many artists who were happy and willing to talk about their work and share their thoughts about the show, and the business of craft creation in general. Thanks to all of you! 

Here are a few of my favorite artists from the Baltimore show.

1. Allyn Cantor - painted fabric assemblages
2. Douglas Thayer - cast concrete and wood furniture
3. Ali Dryer - vintage inspired hand bags. Ali also have an etsy shop.
4. Megan Auman - steel wire sculpture and jewelry
5. Christine Schukow - found objects shadow boxes
6. Rosella "Pat" Peck - miniature washi paper kimonos
7. Teresa Chang - porcelain dinnerware and teaware
8. Helen Elliott - porcelain enamel and steel wall panels
9. George Peterson - wood bowls and sculpture 

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  1. Hi Lotta, Sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend. I love the work you picked to show...and that teapot, wow, that is wonderful!


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