Wednesday, March 19, 2008

weekly delights

Some of my current favorite discoveries:

Textiles from Jobs handtryck: Heracleum natur, designer Dagmar Lodén , 1955, and Magnolia, designer Eva Jobs, 1994

A small family owned textile company in Dalarna, Sweden, which specializes in hand printed fabrics in delicious patterns, both new and vintage. Many of the designs originate from the 50s and they also sell finished products such as pillows, bags, table linens, and trays. Once you go the website you can choose between a Swedish and English version.

Italian artist and fashion designer Kris uses her blog as a sketchbook. She posts images combined with her own reflections and stripes of colors extracted from the photo. I love her sensibility and keen sense of beauty. A truly inspiring blog for any artistic mind.

These natural hooks are created by John Robohm in Jacksonville, Vermont. They are made from maple, beech, birch or other hardwoods grown in the area. No two pieces are exactly alike as they are crafted from the natural branches. The simple beauty of nature in its purest form.

British textile artist Bridget Davis recently opened her Etsy shop where she sells her embroidered and appliqued pillows. The whimsical motifs are adorable and I admire her skillful stitching.

Glass artist Tracy Bull incorporates natural elements and creatures, lots of creatures, into her work. Her enchanted illustrations can be found on cuff links, pendants, badges, and night lights. She also has an etsy shop for one-of-a-kinds.

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