Monday, March 10, 2008

white spring

Cut star magnolia branches are in full bloom in our family room. The flowers are so beautiful in a fringy, delicate way. I spent most of this past weekend outside, working in the garden. Despite near freezing morning temperatures, I happily pruned, dug, replanted, raked, and dug some more. My lovely husband started on the raised beds for the vegetable garden. They look so nice and they will help us conquer the inevitable chaos of rampant growth that will hit full force come July. There is much left to do of course, such as plopping the beds in place, digging and hauling dirt to fill them up, amending the soil, planting the seeds, and watch everything sprout...


  1. Oh those raised beds are going to be wonderful! I wish we had that. It will be fun to see what you plant in them.

  2. You have such a fresh and simple blog! I love stopping in here to take a peek at what you're enjoying in the world around you!


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