Sunday, April 20, 2008

happy returns

Oh, what a wonderful time we had. A few days away from everyday routines and demands is nice once in a while. Just me and my lovely husband and the beautiful city of Chicago. The weather was delightful (high sixties, sunny, only a slight breeze), the food was delicious (especially the dinner at Le Colonial on Rush street), and it was a joy to sleep in for a change (no alarm clock or eager hungry dogs around.)   
The only problem (besides a small subway snafu the day I arrived) was my otherwise loyal camera malfunctioning at times. I am unhappy to admit that it probably is time for an upgrade. Regardless, here are some representative images and thoughts along the way...

Heading out for a morning jog along Lake Michigan.

Patterns – the underside of a bridge crossing Chicago River and a grid from an old elevator shaft at the Chicago Art Institute.

A great time at Wrigley field. The Cubs won big, we watched the pitcher hit a double, a stolen home base, and Kosuke Fukudome's field position was just a few yards away from our seats.

An entire afternoon was reserved for the Art Institute of Chicago. Favorites were the collection of ancient celadon blue chinese pottery and Gustave Caillebotte's  Rainy day.

Frank Lloyd Wrights home in Oak Park was another highlight. The man may have had some personal and financial issues, but he was a visionary. The house is small and intimate, still infused in light, warmth and a wealth of cleaver design ideas.

We also had some time for shopping (mostly for the boys), latte sipping in the sun, random pub visits, and never ending people watching. Still, as with any successful vacation I am now equally happy to be back home in my joyful everyday routine...


  1. it sounds wonderful, even with the little glitches along the way.
    i love the photos you did take.
    and i so know what you mean about being away and then being home again, one makes you appreciate the other so much more.
    hope you are enjoying this rain, everything is so happy and green! take care!

  2. What a wonderful time you two had :) Your pictures are so lovely, even with the camera malfunctions. You have such an eye for patterns. And you picked one of my favorite paintings from the Chicago Institute of Art. I remember going there as a Freshman in high school and just standing in front of it, mouth gaping, soaking it up!

    I'm glad you're back! I need to send my mom your blog, she heard me talking about your art and gasped with delight :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It's so nice to get away from everything isn't it? Your photos are wonderful!


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