Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I know it is not proper to love a bicycle but my birthday gift binnie has earned my unmeasured admiration and affection. This bicycle was made by Raleigh in England in 1937, and I know nothing about her travels and adventures since then, except that someone else loved her enough to give her a name. She has a few new parts, but mostly she is a pre-second-world-war original, and she rides like a dream. No clunks, no wheezing, no squeaks. She has three speeds and old but reliable hand breaks, which is perfect for my short excursions. Most of all she is just plain beautiful! Since my infatuation with Binnie I have been looking for bicycle sources all over the web. Here are a few of my favorite blogs that promote commuting on two wheels in style ; riding pretty, vĂ©lo vogue, and chic cyclist.


  1. I am not sure you could posibly understand my longing for a cycle like your "binnie." I have not been fortunate enought to find such a lovely vintage model, but have my eye on a few dutch bikes from Clever Cycles in Portland. I test drove one and was immediately smitten. Enjoy that dear "binnie" of yours, I can't wait to check out the links! cheers!

  2. Oh, Lotta! You lucky, lucky girl! I'm so incredibly envious of your little cycle :) I can't believe it's in such excellent condition, especially after all of it's travels! I'm sure it is propelled by so much positive energy :)

  3. What a great bike! I can see how you long for it!

  4. i agree with mrs. french, 'smitten' is the word. love your new ride! we purchased a burley for our little gal this summer bypassing new bikes for ourselves (mine is easily 10 years old now and the wheel actually falls off completely from time to time). we've had loads of fun with the trailer but i long for the solo ride on a lovely 'binnie'.

  5. This reminds me very much of my dad's old bicycle. It was super-heavy with wide handlebars and a wide seat, and when I rode it, I felt like I was driving a car. I loved that thing. Congratulations on your new ride!



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