Saturday, August 2, 2008

naked ladies

The belladonna lilies (amaryllis belladonna) are in full bloom in the garden. They shoot up from the ground on tall bare stems, hence their provocative nick-name. They are deliciously beautiful, and they thrive in our hot southern summer weather. 


  1. What gorgeous flowers. I'll have to look for them online - I'm sure I could grow them in my climate. Love your pillows below as well. Your designs are quite subtle but very beautiful - hope your son is better!

  2. GOtta love nature. By the way, Virginia has always fascinated me. Every time I see pictures of the place, I think it's beautiful there. I hope you'll post some Virginia pictures some time. If I'm right you have gorgeous fall there.

  3. i've always called them 'surprise lilies' as they seem to pop up everywhere this time of year. lovely, still and vibrant image.

  4. I rarely see such delicate, beautiful pink! I love these, you took an amazing picture, lotta!

    Hope this finds you feeling relaxed and enjoying the last vestiges of summer, pre-school! How's your little boy?


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