Sunday, September 7, 2008

garden sunday

I spent most of my sunday in the garden. Few things makes me happier. By this time of year our garden is like a jungle. Due to my neglect, a few hurricane related rainstorms, and our southern heat and humidity things grow rampantly. So today was spent cleaning up and unveiling hidden treasures under layers of bind weed, grape vines, grasses, and bitter sweet... The asian pears are ready for picking. They are best sliced up in an arugula salad with crumbled blue cheese, or poached in red wine and served with whipped cream.

The garlic chive is taking over my herb garden. It really is a weed, but I love it in bloom, and the leaves are mighty tasty as salad toppings.

Butterflies, moths, and bumble bees are all flocking to the sedums and the chives. Nature in full force.

The fall crocuses are in bloom. They pop up from nowhere and these have the most delicious shade of lavender pink.

I did clean out our garden shed and its surroundings. It doesn't look like much but I am not showing the before pictures on purpose. It is very satisfying to sort out a mess and get things nice and orderly. The shed is lovingly called "Mona's annex", since my lovely husband jokingly threatens to house my mother there whenever she comes to visit. It is made from salvaged materials left over from our house renovation projects. The doors are from our old pantry, the window was once the only natural light source in our kitchen, and the wobbly landing is made from bricks discovered and dug up throughout our yard. I love living in a place with a past... 


  1. What a beautiful image of your garden, both in words and pictures! I loved your thoughts on what to do with the pears :) YUM!

  2. This is such an absolutely lovely post - and the photos are delightful, inspiring and gorgeous. And the shed! Magical!!! You have me thinking about uncovering things in my old 'jungle.'

  3. what a dreamy day. i so wish i had a greener thumb. i've only managed to nourish a small succulent potted garden. i can relate to your home with a past as ours is 100 years old. full of stories rooted so deeply, our house seems to have a pulse.

  4. i found your blog via michelle and it is lovely.

  5. What a lovely day! Thanks for popping back to my blog. I look forward to seeing the magazine side table if you get round to trying it!
    I just love the printed leag designs on the products in your etsy shop. So beautifully done!

  6. beautiful photos--makes me want to have a tea party back there! i love your garden shed as well! (i am a little envious--)

  7. thank you for taking us with you...your garden is stunning...the photos are amazing!


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