Saturday, November 1, 2008

wedding favors

One of my favorite projects during these past weeks were the clutches I made for my friend Lynn, as gifts to the bridal party at her daughter Lauren's wedding this weekend. I had never tried to make framed purses before, but got inspired by red ruby rose's beautiful creations on etsy. They are leaf printed on organic hemp, and lined with vintage cotton. The sewing part was easy, at least compared to the trickery and patience it took to attach the purse to the frames. I do have it down by now, at least I think so... It is always fun to explore something new, and I am pleased with the final result.  Lauren and her soon to be husband Lincoln are renowned wedding photographers in Portland, Oregon. They are getting married this evening, among friends and family. I know it it will be a beautiful event and I wish them the best of luck and all the happiness that married life brings.


  1. the clutches are so lovely, such a special and useful gift for the bridal party. congratulations to the new couple!

  2. I have never received a gift this nice for being in a wedding. What lucky bridesmaids!


  3. these are beautiful Lotta---you are so talented! and it was so nice to hear from you the other day...i'm goingto catch up on your blog now as well!

  4. Oh wow - so lovely - what a special gift!

  5. hej lotta. sa mycket fint har som vanligt. ;-)

  6. HI!

    My inglish is not good, hop you anderstand me.

    I'm a portugese and I love your work special the frame pouches.
    To this cristmas i want to ofer something made by me, and inspired in you I alredey shop some materials and try to make a pouches but d not work.

    Can you help me doet?
    tanck you very mucht


  7. What a so very lucky bridal party, Lotta!! They are gorgeous!!

  8. Hi, where did you purchase the frames?

  9. Wow!! Clutches as wedding favors... Very unique idea!!

  10. gorgeous.
    the best bridesmaid gifts i've ever seen.


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