Tuesday, March 24, 2009

beautiful blue ridge

This past weekend I took my youngest son to his soccer game in the valley. It was a perfect day, sunny, clear, and crisp. On the way back we stopped briefly at the overlook just as we crossed the Blue Ridge Mountains, and once again it hit me what a beautiful region we live in.

Sorry about the brief absence from the blog - unintentional as usual. Things picked up with a few orders to ship out and some major work on my website. It is almost there. I am excited to soon have a new look, and an easy to manage, functional site. Stay tuned...

Thank you Sophie, for featuring my work on your blog. So sweet. Please check out her etsy shop as well, filled with her stunning textile art, ceramics, and origami. 


  1. Everything seems so quite in this valley ...

  2. What a beautiful image! I hope things are calming down for you, I know how crazy it can get. I can't wait to see your website, I'm sure it'll be lovely!

  3. I don't know much about Virginia but for some reason I have always wanted to visit there. One day...

  4. what a lovely pause, i'm sure. beautiful views. and eagerly await to view your new site.


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