Friday, March 13, 2009

fresh stationery

Inleaf's business correspondence has a new look this spring thanks to sweet Martina of  blossom stamps  who transformed some of my leaf prints into beautiful polymer stamps. The intricate details of the prints are well preserved and the tiny type on the address stamp prints crisp and clear. I am inspired and can imagine more of my imagery transfered onto tags, note cards, and stickers. 

There are still a few days left to enter the give-away. The drawing will happen Monday morning. I am grateful for all the nice comments you have left so far.


  1. This stamp is lovely ...
    Your work is beautiful on the paper as on the fabrics

  2. It is always so much fun to see the beautiful and creative ways my customers use their stamps. It was a pleasure working with you on the stamps and so much fun to create them for you. Thanks!

  3. {This is so lovely! As your esty shop...}

  4. You inspire me, as always, Lotta...

  5. These are gorgeous! Love the subtle accents.

  6. Beautiful work, blog and website, will be visiting often ! Very inspiring. Thank you for your lovely comment about my photography!

  7. wow. so gorgeous. and inspirational.
    i'm in the process of re-doing the look of 8mm ideas, too. so much to do, so many creative ways to go...

    this look is so delicate and that stamp is just so perfect. lucky & lovely, all the same.


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