Saturday, November 14, 2009

and the show will go on...

Yet another week plus has past since the last post. I have one more event to get ready for before I can catch my breath. Next weekend I will be in Richmond, for the Craft + Design show at the Science Museum of Virginia, along with over 70 talented artists and artisans from all over the country. Many of you are pros when it comes to shows of this caliber, but this is only the second time in my career that I am participating in a juried event like this. I am grateful to have been accepted and invited, but I have to admit that I am terrified. I am feverishly working on new inventory, as well as booth design, and promotional materials. I want everything to be perfect, and I am fretting over every little detail which drives both me and my lovely family crazy. It is the bane of being a perfectionist, an overachiever, and slightly neurotic when it comes to quality control... I'll bring along these new appliqued pillows, created entirely from soft vintage linens, with the raw edges left to be touched. I will also have new wall pieces on display and a series of table runners. I wish all of you could join me. If you are in Richmond, VA this weekend I would love to see you. Thank you for all your encouraging comments about the studio tour! It was a great success. We had lots of visitors and good sales. Thanks to everyone who came to visit. It made the weekend very special.


  1. wow, three days! lotta, do you need any help? do you have anyone to accompany you in the booth? let me know!!

    i have never been to this show, but it looks like a goodie! best of luck with your final prep. you will be amazing. XO

  2. oh I wish I could join you ... I am sure everything will go well ... (and my new camera is a Lumix TZ6 from Panasonic, very easy to use and the size is small so I can carry it everywhere I go)

  3. the pillows made with the vintage linens are so beautiful. i love frayed edges. being a perfectionist can be exhausting, but the results are so worth it, especially in your work where the extra effort is self-evident. enjoy the show and know that all those details will be buttoned up in time, as usual. xo, c

  4. goodness those pillows are gorgeous.

  5. Good luck with all that staff!
    Good luck in the market and a lot of success.
    If I could just go to visit! A bit far to go and come back in the day.

  6. Congratulations, Lotta - being there is a great achievement in and of itself, it sounds like, so give yourself a lot of credit for that alone... And I can identify with the perfectionist and slightly neurotic part, but I think it'll pay off in the end.... Your work is truly beautiful and I know you'll do well. I wish - again - I lived closer and life's responsibilities would 'poof' disappear so that I could just take a couple of days off and come see you. Some day.

    Good luck - I'll be thinking of you..!


  7. Looking forward to meeting you, Lotta! I appreciate you linking the show on your blog, too, as I'm the marketing gal for VisArts. I think you will have a good time ~ I know I can't wait to see your lovely creations!

  8. oh these are so beautiful lotta! and congrastulations!

  9. Hej gumman! Har du helt försvunnit?! Tar du inte ens emot mina kommentarer, va!!!

    Saknar dig och hoppas att allt går vägen på dina härliga äventyr!

    Stor kram, Monika

  10. Hi Lotta!

    Something fun for you to see . . .

  11. Wonderful!
    Love these ones!

    Hoppas att allt ar bra med dig vannen!

    Kramar / hugs


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