Sunday, January 16, 2011

looking up

During our morning dog walk it struck me what a beautiful place we live in. Charlottesville, Virginia is a small, but bustling city. It is steeped in tradition which is evident in its grand architecture as well as in its friendly citizens. Charlottesville is home to an amazing university and an array of businesses, shops, restaurants, and art venues. Our public schools are fantastic, and our local government is run responsibly, while striving to care for our environment and people in need. Here you will find imposing columns, arched windows, craftsmanship, solar panels, sky blue porch ceilings, chicken coops, public art, trees, birds, street vendors, and southern hospitality, all in an appealing jumble.

Lots of pondering going on at the moment, about my work and life in general. Trying to come up with a specific plan to fulfill some of my new years wishes. More to come... Thank you Ayana from Indie Simphoni for the interview posted this past week!


  1. I have only been a few times, but Charlottesville stays in my mind as a place I could live.

    How are your florist shops? Let me know if anyone is looking for a designer!

    xo Jane

  2. Love the photos. I have never been to America but I know I'll get there one day. Charlottesville sounds lovely and just the sort of place I like, by how you describe it. I like where I live too and also have a responsible local government that are very focused on environmental issues and the arts...and it's also geographically beautiful :)

  3. I loved how you staggered these photographs--the angles play off each other perfectly :)

  4. Beautiful shots. It really is pretty there.

  5. love your interview and seeing pretty you!

  6. Sometimes we don´t notice the beauty we have is nice to be tourist in your own those photos.
    Hope new year is going ok!

  7. your photos and a walk with the dog is a great way to begin that resolution ..what a lovely photo series . simplicity is something I think we all have to work for


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