Thursday, January 20, 2011

san francisco

We are heading out for a mini vacation next week. San Francisco is our destination and I can't wait. I am looking forward to scrumptious meals, long walks, and time alone with my man. I am also planning to meet up with some dear friends, see some great art, and do some fun shopping. Please tell me about your favorite San Francisco haunts – galleries, coffee shops, fabric stores, gardens? I am ready for adventure...


  1. Me = envious. I miss many things about living there, but I miss the food the most. Here's where I would go: Ti Couz for traditional buckwheat crepes (I loved the mushroom with mushroom sauce crepe), Tartine for the best Croque Monsieur and fruit tarts ever, Walzwerk for schnitzel and a ridiculously cute vintage East German scene, and The Slanted Door for knockout Vietnamese cuisine that will also lighten your wallet considerably. The first two suggestions are in the Mission/Dolores Park area and a stroll down Valencia Street will be nearby and full of shops and other small restaurants and cafes (I love walking through Paxton Gate in particular). Walzwerk is in a neighborhood that was slightly gritty when I lived there, and The Slanted Door is now in the Ferry Building which is a destination in and of itself (the market there - Tues, Thurs, Sat - has some excellent cart-food (fish tacos, empanadas, etc.). I hope you have a wonderful time!!!


  2. swing by cafe trieste in north beach for an 'africano'
    saunter into the thrift store on the corner of Post and Fillmore
    and say hello to that lovely purple-leaved maple on the Vallejo steps
    then there's
    Yuet Lee corner of Stockton and Broadway [wilted greens are delicious]
    and you'll want to see the amazing El Anatsui piece in the de Young Museum
    and while you're in Golden Gate park you may as well have a toddle through the Botanic Garden [where there is an enormous Gingko tree]
    if you have a spare day, get a bus to Point Lobos and walk back to the city along the Camino del Mar
    stopping at the Sutro Baths on the way
    i could blether on forever [San Francisco is a favourite haunt]...
    have a lovely time

  3. I love the Japanese Tea garden,
    Eating ramen in Japantown,
    Dim Sum at Ton Kiang (on Geary in the Richmond District),
    Getting fresh poppy seed buns at the russian bakery two doors down from Ton Kiang,
    The view of the bay from the Marin Headlands (on the other side of the golden gate bridge),
    Shopping in the Haight Ashbury district for used clothing,
    Going to Britex fabrics downtown,
    People watching through the windows of the cafe in Borders overlooking Union Square,
    Riding the historic streetcars of the MUNI F-line for the price of a bus ticket rather than waiting in line and spending $$ for a ride on a cable car.
    And so many more wonderful things....

  4. well I cannot give you any tips .. but I will wish you a wonderful vacation ..the places in the comments above me sound a amazing

  5. Take it from me......take it from Indi..........the 'guided' tour guide...........

  6. Lotta,
    I love San Francisco. We love to go to the Japanes tea garden and if you get there before 10 it is free admission. I love to look at Britex but sooo expensive. I found a great store called Satin Moon over in the Richmond area. It is owned by two Japanese American sisters who started the business in the 70's or early 80's. I bought several yards of beautiful fabric and lots of ribbon. I also went to Japan town and bought a bunch of Japanese craft books in the big book store there. Lots of fun to look, also bought a bunch of rice bowls.

    Have fun.

  7. I used to live in the Mission/Dolores area - right across from the park - and a short walk in any direction always led to a great place to eat. Have a wonderful time exploring!

  8. Love San Francisco! My husband's birth place. Yes, go to Walzwerk - dear friends own the place. I am dying to visit the very creative Studio Collective (my favorite West Coast floral designers Studio Choo) on

  9. Take BART over to the east bay area to find my favorites located in Berkeley near the Oakland border.
    Lacis has a retail shop and it is a museum of lace and textiles (2982 Adeline Street). Then my favorite shop for style in all ways is Tale of the Yak (2632 Asby Avenue). Enjoy!

  10. Thank you, thank you. I am so grateful for all of these wonderful suggestions. I'll try to fit in as many of them as possible, we may have to extend the trip with a few days...

  11. lotta, that was a great time for me. thanks so much for getting in touch. i LOVED meeting you!!
    (funny, my word verification is: "cities", as in...visiting them?)

  12. Oh Lotta :(

    See what happens? I got a PT job that totally derailed my routines in October and had no idea you were 30 miles away from me two months ago. I am sad.

    I hope you had a wonderful time here in CA *and* I shall not let so much time escape between visits to your blog again.


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