Tuesday, June 28, 2011

all about color

Work samples by my wonderful classmates.

Colors are not always what we perceive them to be. A piece of dyed fabric can look pale and unassuming on its own, beige and boring. But accompanied by another pale shade of cloth, both pieces may come to life. Color is on my mind, after this past week's natural dye workshop with Rowland Ricketts at Shakerag. I had a wonderful time, catching up with old friends (you know who you are), meeting new ones, and getting to know Rowland who is an amazing artist – generous, knowledgable, and fun.

Something is brewing.

Black willow bark samples hung to dry.

Towering trees everywhere.

Rowland's beautiful silk yarns.

The lovely compost pile.

My first attempt at shibori.

The focus of the class was the natural local landscape, and the colors we can gain from it. We were encouraged to collect plants that were either plentyful or invasive, and then by using japanese inspired dyeing techniques and mordants we managed to produce a wonderful range of soft (and sometimes not so soft) shades of cloth, yarn, and threads. I am much inspired and ready to fully make these natural dyes my own.

Documenting and organizing.

My finished samples. I love the range and the hues.


  1. It sounds like an amazing experience. The shades you have produced are beautiful.

  2. I am so glad that you posted these images. I was so missing the Shakerag experience.

  3. What lovely colours and hues. You have inspired me to try and start to be more organised with my dyeing! I get so carried away that l forget to note things or record the resultys! Thanks.

  4. it sounds fascinating and looks so lovely

  5. Beautiful colours, that looks like fun!
    I'm getting inspired by all the natural dyeing around the place, and I lots of amazing shibori. Just need some alum.

  6. lotta, you are one lucky and happy (i can hear your smiles in your words) woman. i am so glad you got to do this, and want to see where it will take your work.

  7. Oh, Lotta.......your samples are lovely......really beautiful.......and your 'you know who you are' comment......left me a little sad to miss meeting them again.....what fun we had last year........and the pond.......did you take a dip? ox

  8. ..beautiful, subtle colours...

    ..just the right thing for your leaf prints...

  9. would have signed up for this class myself [to enjoy a different perspective on the local flora] but was occupied elsewhere...

  10. Such lovely hues! Thanks for the post Lotta!

  11. I appreciate these subtle colors - thank you for posting your great experience.

  12. So very beautiful! We have grown far too accustomed to bright colors and often miss the beauty of the subtle ones from nature.

  13. Wonderful that you took this workshop! The samples look great!


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