Wednesday, July 6, 2011

new home

Some things are just meant to be. For years I have admired the quiet, elegant, and delightful design style of Maria. She is an interior designer and purveyor with impeccable taste and the loveliest persona. She shares her work and beautiful home on her blog vintage simple. Maria recently bought my textile collage whisper, for her new home in Ashville, North Carolina. I am honored and thrilled and I can't imagine a better place for this piece. Thank you Maria for your trust and encouragement!

I am packing my bags again. This time I am heading home with my youngest son to visit family and friends in Sweden. It has been two years since last and I am looking forward to many things, including eating new potatoes and strawberries (they taste much better over there), sipping gin and tonics on my mom's patio, hugging my nephews, and meeting Roxy and Rufus, the new family pets... I will try to post during my trip so stay tuned.


  1. Enjoy your days, over here...not exactly. But in this side of the ocean.
    Enjoy family, and gintonics ;)

  2. I enjoyed reading about your piece going to that beautiful place across the ocean.

    I love the hand-stitching in it.

  3. glad your piece found a good home. how lovely to travel to your home and to eat good food! there are no strawberries like the ones from my hometown. peaches, too!

  4. I love your piece, Lotta. It makes me smile every time I see it. Your work is beautiful - and I am honored to have a little piece of you here with me, at home.

    Have fun in Sweden. I am a little envious I must confess, but of course incredibly happy for you. Enjoy it all.


  5. I love your work! Have a wonderful time home in Sweden. I am hoping one day to visit. For now, I am reading everything I can about your beautiful home country!


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