Monday, October 24, 2011

weekly bundles no. 7

The bag of eucalyptus leaves that I have saved since the summer of 2010 finally was put to use this past week. The more than one year old leaves did not disappoint. The distinct coral orange really popped on the silk, appeared a bit more subtle on the linen, but even the pvc pipe I used as my wrapping tool is now permanently marked by this magical plant.

White oak was the other component in the bundles, which were simmered in tap water for about two hours, left to cool, and opened about 24 hours later. So far the oak prints have not been as distinct as I want. Next time I will try working with the leaves clamped rather than rolled.

My latest obsession is printing and dyeing silk organza. It takes the dye beautifully and the colors becomes both rich and alluring. Prints on the organza vanishes when held up to light, but appears crisp and clear against a light background. Lovely.

A few more paper prints ended up in the pot as well – nothing spectacular – rose leaves, japanese maple, and some more eucalyptus for that rosy touch.


  1. Absolutely lovely. You've inspired me to use the dried eucalyptus leaves I collected last year.

  2. Such beautiful dying, I am so tempted to try, soon soon... when I find me some time. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.

  3. Beautiful!
    The leaves of banana trees, stained a lot, what I found when I was working in our banana farm, here in the Canary Islands. I did not know and every day wearing a different clothes when I washed all the clothes, the stains of banana leaves, it never took off, though I use bleach. I found a good natural dye and thought to experiment with it, but had other painting projects and could not cover many things, but I'm telling you if you want to try


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