Saturday, January 21, 2012

icy conditions

Everything was coated in ice this morning. This is the first winter weather we have had this season – up until now it has been unusually mild. The garden seems to glimmer under the ice layer, everything looks cuddled and safe, but also fragile and exposed at the same time. During my wanderings I discovered all these oak leaves on the ground, much darker in color than the others. They look oxidized, almost blue. Immediately I start thinking about the dye pot - what color will they give in that condition? I have so much on my plate. Can I fit in a play date with the cauldron?


  1. you could save the leaves for a more convenient time. i have started leaving bags in my car to collect leaves. i'm finding them everywhere lately. yours do look blue. and love all those icicle formations.

  2. winter does good things to leaves...variations on familiar themes.

    love the ice pix
    everything coasted in a thick layer of HEAT here

  3. beautiful ice coated photos, Lotta. I bet you get some outstanding dye from these leaves. Hope we get to see... -sus

  4. I found the other day a leave in the same colour. It was strange, was not in bad conditions, just blue-black.
    Love that strange colour...

  5. lovely ice, deadly ice. an icy year here, too. the hydrangea iced are lovely.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful images Lotta! Hope your "plate" is full of good things!


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