Monday, January 16, 2012

reuse and reclaim

My studio, my house, and my life is overtaken by fabric. Fabric yardage, fabric remnants, fabric scraps. Vintage fabrics, mod fabrics, silly fabrics. Fabrics collected and acquired over decades, lovingly washed, folded, and stored in piles. Fabrics left over from numerous projects and experiments.

Despite a promise to not announce any resolutions for this new year, I hereby declare 2012 the year of no new fabric purchases. Not only will I try not to buy more fabrics, I am also determined to use more of all the wonderful goodies I have on hand.

The last few days I have spent making pillows from fabrics originating from modern fabrics, a wonderful Charlotte, NC, based company that specializes in reselling remnants from furniture corporations and other industries. I am also creating small zip purses, using vintage linen and cotton prints. This new line of work will have its own place in my etsy store, some of the pieces are already listed, more will be added in upcoming weeks.

No promises can be made without caveat. I am running short on silk and wool for eco dyeing. And there may be a need to reorder my house linen fabric for new production work. But other than that I should be all set!


  1. can totally relate to being overrun with what you are making currently. As stylish as ever :)

  2. love those large flower pillows that look like negatives...

  3. A noble resolve, and your recent accomplishments are very fresh and crisp. -sus

  4. Well done. What you've made are beautiful. I have similar resolutions about not buying more fabric!

  5. Hi, Lotta. Just happened upon your blog and I've been enjoying your work. Lovely pillows and pouches. With so many amazing fabrics out there, I don't know how you'll resist buying them!
    best from Tunisia,


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