Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NYC here we come

Ever since my first visit at the tender age of less than 20 I have loved this city. New York is magical, it oozes of  creativity and energy and style. I love the pace, the abundance, the tackiness, the colors, the people... This time me and my love are spending an extra long weekend in its midst. I am so excited to return. PS. Last minute suggestions are most welcome...


  1. Hi, Lotta - I am insanely jealous (hhee heee); I adore NYC and can't wait 'til my next trip there. We stay downtown in Chelsea - Have a fabulous time, and post us some pics for vicarious pleasure. -sus

  2. So much awaits! My blogging friends from Australia have just come back from there....they have been posting some amazing shots of the amazing places they went, some that were a complete surprise even to people from New York! These are a couple of amazing artists, Fiona Dempster and Barry Smith:

    Enjoy can't go wrong!


  3. One of my favourites too. Have a wonderful time and if I was to recommend anywhere it would have to be the City Bakery near Union Square. We ate there every morning!

  4. I must go an visit...need to know!

  5. Ahaa... just saw that the shop is closed, so that´s why... - wishing you a very good time!
    P.S. I´m dyeing "mellow" yellows at the moment, putting aside samples for you...


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