Thursday, February 2, 2012

seeing blue

Blue is on my mind. In March I will take this online class, to get a better grasp on indigo and its properties. Glennis Dolce is a renowned indigo dyer and shibori artist and you can find samples of her beautiful work in her shop. Then, come summer I will be back here, for a class with french natural dye master Michel Garcia and indigo will once again be on the agenda. I can't wait for these opportunities to learn and grow, and to unveil the mystery of dyeing blue. For further indigo adventures check out  India Flint's workshops at Long Ridge Farm in New Hampshire in August. I am thinking that may be a perfect ending for a season of blue. The rocks in the image above turned blue after being used to hold the red cabbage under the surface during our latest sauerkraut batch. Love that color.

Images courtesy of Glennis Dolce, Shibori Girl Studios. All rights reserved.


  1. Lookingforward to seeing what you do with those beautiful "blues"!

  2. Blue is always a mysterios colour in nature...
    Looks so interesting and full of learning coming days...
    Enjoy a lot! And let indigo come to us...

  3. Hello Lotta! It has been too long..I love that you're going to be working with indigo. I have been thinking of trying some am going to read backwards to catch up! Thinking of you...oxoxoxoxo, deb

  4. lotta, i've been trying to email you and it keeps bouncing there a gremlin in your server? (other ones aren't bouncing).


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