Sunday, January 27, 2013

winter blues

The sky is the bluest of blue this time of year. No haze or humidity, just limitless blue. I have been working with remnants from last years indigo experiments. The small shibori pieces will be part of a group show at Chroma Projects opening next week. 25 Chroma affiliated artists will display affordable, lovable, and mailable art during the month of February. I hope you can come by if you are in the neighborhood.

A small throw quilt is also in the works. The layering and quilting is still left and I am imagining a soft backing and lots of hand stitching to finish it off. I love how the shades from the various indigo dips set each other off.

Then there are the blue sachets, all indigo dyed, lovingly stitched, and sweet smelling. They are available in the store ready to ship...

Blue is the color of choice this time around.


  1. Love your blues! Incredible...and little white embroidery...perfect!

  2. the sky and your pieces are such a balm.

  3. lovely! I am in the process of making a quilt using denim blue and pieces of indigo. I have been so into blue lately. Purchased some indigo seeds today.

  4. Beautiful, sweetheart! I wish I was going to be in town to see the show. The indigo pieces are amazing!

  5. Thank you for this lovely and necessary post. I am proud to say I own all of the books in your photo and have decided to purchase only the raw materials for my clothing for the next year. I am currently making an Alabama Chanin t-shirt from a piece of milky merino I was able to acquire - indigo, I think. Thanks again for your lovely work and inspiration.

  6. Lavender and indigo ... the sachets are adorable, so simple and satisfying ....


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