Monday, February 4, 2013

untidy work habits

Most people would probably guess that my work space and my studio is a wonder of order, calm, organization, and cleanliness. And although that is how I would prefer my surroundings, it is far from the reality. The truth is that I am a pretty messy person.

Part of the problem is that I rarely work on just one project at the time. More often than not I will get inspired to try something new, even if I already have two or three things in the works. And when I try something new, piles of fabrics are brought out, and then threads to match, and some plants, and a reference book or two... In addition to the creative process there are deadlines and other things that need to be accomplished, like mailing orders, finishing commissions, and book keeping. It is difficult to keep ones work environment tidy in these circumstances. So things stack up.

Despite all this, I love my studio. It is relatively small, and crowded. It is flooded with light from three large windows. It has some of my favorite pieces on display along with artwork by my boys, and mementos from friends. When I do keep things in check there is plenty of room to spread out and frequently my canine studio assistants will sprawl out on the floor. And then there is the lingering scent of eco dyed cloth and lavender that in my mind is irresistible.

Not neat nor orderly, not always clean, but still close to perfect.


  1. lovely to see ! ... its always nice to look into another artist's work area/studio ... are there ANY clean, neat, orderly studios around? i can so relate to how you say it happens - one thing leads to another, ideas, excitement and passionate 'doing' creates chaos and out of that beautiful chaos comes the work.

    if my studio was neat and clean and orderly i fear i would spend my time only keeping it that way and not get any work done ...

    i suspect this to be normal ... :) >>> Gina

  2. Serene and well crafted work from disorder and un-tidyness makes sense to me! Such a boon to have Canines in the studio, don't you find? Really a fun post, Lotta, thanks for sharing your beautiful studio. -sus

  3. As my studio seems to be my kitchen these days.....I'm more than a bit longing for one like yours....messy as it isn't! :-) Thank you for sharing!

  4. I can totally relate. I struggle with the same issues myself. Thanks for sharing.

  5. you call that untidy?

    you haven't seen mine.

  6. I love messy studios! They speak of a mind busy in creating, not tidying. There is beauty and order enough in your works.

  7. I guess I am giving myself away here... Even while writing about my often untidy studio, I could not bear to show it at its worst. These photos where taken a few days after a big clean up, so the space is definitely in full use - but has yet to reach its ultimate messy potential. Thanks for the encouraging words - and yes I too believe that messes are necessary in the creative process.

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  8. Your words were duplicated in my thoughts and experiences as well. My husband cringes when he sees my "creative environment" but you are right when you said, "one idea leads to another". That is the creative process (the right side of your brain) and you have to go with the "flow". I feel people who have artisitc talent are blessed by a higher being guiding us in the direction he wants us to go to make our art "connect" with others. Your art is beautiful and shows your creative muse. I feel you spoke for all of us. I am involved in mixed media, quilting, surface design, book making, digital printing, collage...the list goes on. There is "cross overs" in the art world where one technique used in one medium can be applied to other mediums. Thanks for your openness. You encouraged us and varified that we are all "normal" when we are in the state of discovery and creativity.

  9. i'm with india on that. i redefine untidy. it drives me crazy and it's what drive my creativity, so what is there to do?

    your space looks incredible to me. tidy, lovely, and warm

  10. So glad to hear someone else discuss the state of their studio. The "neatness counts" person constantly clashes with my creative personality. I really need to relax because at the end of the day, no one is going to ask if my studio was kept tidy. lol /yours is so organized compared to mine. Things are in "happy" piles here.

  11. it did my heart good to read this post (and the comments), as I am so comfortable in my messy space, but seldom think of it as being messy, just comfortable! it's not until we have company and someone wants to see where I work, that I look at it through their eyes, and shudder! LOL


  12. I think I must have the same inclinations, too! I love your mess, if you could call it that. I, personally, crave order and cleanliness, but, rarely, oh so rarely, ever achieve it!

    Your space looks like you--a beautiful, exploring, nature-driven, artist! I love it!

  13. Thanks for sharing the photos of your very inviting - and tidy - workspace. It is so fun to see glimpses of the things you are working on and that inspire you. I can't find a thing after I clean my space!


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