Sunday, May 4, 2008

failed attempts

This past week was not one of my best. Amidst all busyness there were two projects that I really wanted to accomplish and because of my own obsessions both fell through. My friend Carrie is expecting triplets and i really wanted to finish these little japanese style booties before the baby shower. I was off to a good start - the fabric was cut and the pattern seemed easy enough, but as soon as I began to assemble and sew hesitation hit. There was a lot of bulk from the seam allowances inside the shoe, and the raw edges, although finished, was showing, and would these things even stay on little, tiny, baby feet... Needless to say I went off to the shower without the booties. 
I was also working on a submission to Gallery Up's upcoming art show 30 small works. For months I had planned for this, but once I really got started, granted late in the game, things did not work out quite as I had planned.

I realize that I am my own worst enemy. I try hard not to be an uptight, obsessive artist, but sometimes it is so difficult to let go... The booties would probably have been fine - raw edges and all. And the leaf panels might even have made the show...


  1. They are both wonderful....this is why I have been on a sewing hiatus for quite some time. I am too hard on myself. Part of what makes homemade so beautiful is the fact that there are imperfections. I need to keep telling myself that too.

  2. those booties look perfect to me! jatte fin!


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