Sunday, May 18, 2008

green veil

This is the view from my boys' tree house. This time of year you are engulfed in the hackberry's lush greenery when perched on the tiny porch of their hideaway. It is the best spot. 
Tired but content, I just returned from the Broad Appetit food festival in Richmond. The afternoon was filled with sights, aromas, tastes, and lots of wonderful people. Unfortunately a spring rainstorm blew in after a few hours, which did not deter food loving visitors, but made things a bit more difficult for an art vendor with a booth filled with delicate linens...

I'll have photos to show later this week, as my camera right now is en route to Québec with my lovely husband who left shortly after the show was over. This week I hope to have time to regroup. The blog posts in general have been erratic and my weekly delights are anything but weekly. I promise to do better. I have long list of people and things that make my heart sing, ready for sharing.


  1. I can't wait to see your pics...How nice that your boys have a treehouse. I want one for B one day.

  2. I too can't wait to see your photos, deary :) I'm so glad you survived the event, though I'm sure the rain storm wasn't a welcome visitor :) Enjoy the week to regroup! Sending love!

  3. What lucky boys to have such a view!

  4. Lovely shot from the treehouse! Did you climb up there yourself? We have a tree house of sorts (it's only a few feet off the ground). I can't say it has much of a view and I'm always wacking my head on the ceiling.


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