Monday, May 5, 2008

on a brighter note

The fruits on our plum trees are abundant this year. By late July they should be ready for eating, seductively sweet and juicy. The tulip poplar is dropping its unusual but beautiful flowers all over the back yard. My lovely husband made a Jeffersonian gate for the vegetable garden. It is so elegant and fits well with the raised beds. I am happy. 


  1. I love your garden gate. I have a fence enclosing my back yard and the two gates that lead into it are falling apart. I have to come up with something that will fit with the fence and the house as well to replace it. I want to take advantage of needing to make them custom by doing something really creative and making a statement.'ve got me thinking!

  2. You live in the most glorious spot! I'm so envious of all your sunshine and tropical flowers! You have great scope for the imagination!


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