Tuesday, July 28, 2009

happily home

We have returned. Four weeks away seemed like no time at all despite being filled with family fun, explorations, food discoveries, walks, and other adventures. I am glad to be back in Charlottesville, reunited with my lovely husband, who could only join us for part of the trip, and Freja the dog, who seems confused and slightly depressed without her companion.

I am also eager to start work again, my mind and my sketchbook are filled with ideas. I look forward to settling in to my creative routines, exploring new prints, and delving into embroidery, my newfound passion. The etsy shop is up and running and the inleaf site will follow shortly.

I'll leave you with some more Scandinavian goodies.

Small boat harbor and traditional street houses in Roskilde.

Birthday lunch with my mom in Malmö.

Overnight trip with the boys to Copenhagen.

Viking ship museum in Roskilde.

Anemones and wild strawberries in my moms garden.


  1. Your mother is so beautiful! Thanks for all the scandinavia pictures. <3
    Sorry to hear about you dog. I'm waiting for news from a vet about our cat. He's been throwing up and losing weight. I'm hoping it's nothing serious. They are like our children. Such a big part of our families.
    I love embroidery too. I've done some rustic looking ones. I need to do some again.

    Your summer cottage is great!

  2. I can wait to see your new embroidered projects ...

  3. Lovely to hear you are full of proyects. Your mum looks great. So beautifully smiling.

    Hoping to seen your embroidered projects.

  4. i'm JUST now starting to feel the pull to getting back to my "stuff"--after six weeks of travel. it's good to hear your inspiration will bring goods...

    and yes, your mom is ADORABLE!

  5. welcome home!
    Your mother really is so beautiful.
    beautiful photo from your trip! i hope you are settling in nicely and would love to run into you sometime soon, it's been awhile.

  6. i love the photos...and your mom is absolutely adorable...beautiful smile

  7. I just came across your blog on Bliss (I advertise there as well)...you have such lovely work :)
    I had to comment here though because I was just in Denmark last month visiting friends who live in Copenhagen. We were also in Roskilde! Such a beautiful, beautiful town. We also visited the viking museum...perhaps we crossed paths at one point!


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