Friday, July 10, 2009

swedish delights

Great design, art, and functionality are embedded in Swedish society. It is evident whether you visit a public park, a local restaurant, or someones home. While I am visiting I want to introduce a few of my favorite Swedish artists and designers, starting with Signe Persson-Melin a fantastic ceramist, and designer. Now in her eighties, she is still active in her studio in my family's hometown Malmö. Most recently she has a designed a series of beautiful garden pots and birdbaths in collaboration with Byarums Bruk. Throughout her long career she has created an array of alluring objects, from glass storage containers and rustic tea pots, to silverware and altar decorations. Signe Persson-Melin's work is on display at Kulturen in Lund until August 16, if you are in the neighborhood...

G.A.D is a swedish design company founded and based on the island Gotland, east of the Swedish mainland. G.A.D is renowned for their high quality furniture and use of native woods and natural materials. I love the simplicity, clean lines, and muted colors. Too bad most of their goods are too large for my suitcases...


  1. Just lovely! Especially those dove tailed drawers!

  2. yes, too bad for sure. love the dovetailed drawers, too.

  3. Ah. Perhaps we should invent a larger suitcase, no? :)

  4. swedish delights, indeed! i do love the swedish sense of style and innate sensibility (is it something in the water?! do tell!)


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