Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We have arrived at Nösund, my family's summer house on the west coast of Sweden. This is where I spent my childhood summers; swimming, sailing, fishing, berry picking, hiking, and rock climbing. It is my favorite place on earth. The cottage is small, and rustic, perched on a cliff only yards from the water. Now my entire family is gathered here; my mother and sisters, my sons, their uncle, all their cousins, and my husband. I feel privileged to be here and to share this inspirational place with the people I love.


  1. Such relaxing place. Enjoy a lot.

  2. lotta, it looks absolutely dreamy.

  3. What a lovely, peaceful place. I am happy you are so blessed to be together there. Enjoy!

    Tricia - Avolli

  4. Oh Lotta, it looks so wonderful. I'm glad you are having a lovely time and are able to share it with your family;


  5. thanks for sharing these happy family moments ... the cottage is just perfect !!

  6. it looks wonderful. i want to dive in!

  7. What lovely pictures. And I hope, sincerely hope, you have a wonderful time with your family.

  8. a sa harligt. ha det bra dar borta. min mamma ar i sverige nu pa besok o jag onskar att jag var ocksa dar!

  9. I could look at these photos all day . . . hope you had a wonderful time. I imagine you did!

  10. SO BEAUTIFUL ***
    my english is so bad but I dare....
    I would like to say to you how much your post gets me :
    this mosaic of images
    invites in the holidays and laziness !!!
    SO SO SO


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