Tuesday, February 1, 2011

time flies

blooms everywhere, loved this garden and work brought along  
for idle times.

We are back from our adventure. It was a wonderful time filled with sunshine, friendship, delicious food, and beautiful vistas and experiences. San Francisco is a magical place and the weather was perfect. I can't thank you enough for your ideas and suggestions. I managed to fit in a few, but need to go back for more lengthy excursions. Here are but a handfuls of glimpses from our trip.

even the expected was spectacular. loved dining overlooking the pacific on our last night.

wandering the neighborhoods is one of my favorite things to do
 in any city.

we did see some amazing art. pier 24 photo exhibit and the de young museum were two  favorites.

can't travel without making a few acquisitions. linen cord, silk ribbon, and vintage kimono remnants from britex. the pleated linen zip pouch was a gift from my dear friend Carol of yorktown road whom i met up with for coffee. thank you.


  1. Oh, Lotta,
    You know how to 'pack it in'......
    What a beautiful blog on your trip!

  2. What a beautiful place, right? I've only been there once and it wasn't long enough. I must go back some time. Your images represent it well!

  3. Thanks for sharing images of your trip. I'll get to the States one day and check out all those beautiful places. Have always loved those grand old timber houses of San Francisco...

  4. Hi Lotta,
    Looks like you had a wonderful time. My husband and I are planning a trip to SF in May. Any must not miss spots?

  5. so happy to see the city through your camera .. glad it was a nice trip for you...

  6. ha!
    i see you've been someplaces i've been
    there's no time that isn't a good time to be in San Francisco [well, except for the obvious earth-rumbling ones]
    lovely pix

  7. oh wow, the handmade quilt! it's so beautiful.
    you have a wonderful blog

  8. lotta, love the photos! you see things in such an interesting way. it was so fabulous to see you. xm


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