Monday, February 7, 2011

back in business

After some pondering and serious planning I have decided to return to the wholesale market this spring. I am excited about the prospect of offering the inleaf line to a larger audience and to connect with store and gallery owners across the country. I am starting small with just a few pieces, created in a sustainable and eco friendly manner using the best natural materials and quality craftsmanship. The collection will grow as the weather turns warmer allowing for more leaf printing and dyeing.

I am looking for retail partners who appreciate the unique and handmade quality of my work. If you are a store or gallery owner I welcome you to browse my online line sheet or contact me directly with any requests. I want to extend a thank you to o' suzannah and terrain, two wonderful stores who already are representing my work!


  1. i am happy to see this .. the stores look lovely ....

  2. i just l o v e your work! i might have to spoil myself soon :o)

  3. I hope you will get positive response ... it is lovely as usual


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