Tuesday, August 2, 2011

happy returns

Three weeks seems like a short time. But much happened in this tiny time span. First off I had a birthday - a momentous and frightening one. Fifty years seems like a really long time. To relieve any possible angst, my mom and my sisters brought me to Kivik, a small Swedish coastal resort town offering sweeping ocean views, back massages, fresh berries, and the coolest weeping beech tree, ever. Thank you.

We dyed cloth with Swedish delights from my mom's garden - peach, maples, currant, walnut, among other things, with bright and beautiful results.

And then there was the three day trip with just my 15 year old son and I, filled to the brim with visits to military museums, history museums, art museums, and a few gourmet meals in between. So much fun!

Other small but equally wonderful things happened during these brief weeks. Morning runs along the water with my sister. Intense card playing with my nephew. Yarn shopping. Visit to my fathers grave with fresh flowers (top photo). Wine sipping and movie watching. Some more yarn shopping...

It is good to be back in my new homeland, to reunite with my lovely husband, house, dogs, garden, family, and the work I love. But it is always hard to leave the old homeland behind. Still one of the coolest places on earth in my estimation. Until next time...


  1. So glad that you had a refreshing and cool time at "home". Missing some of this awful heat was a blessing for you.

    Lovely photos and gorgeous family!

  2. My face and heart are smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as I know your truth of origin......many heartfelt blessings my friend! oxoxoxo

  3. lovely reflection on your trip. i love the photo of your women-your mom, sis, and you? i remember with great fondness my visit to sweden. and fifty, the view from here just gets better.

  4. Great photos! And that fabric IS truly brillant. :) Welcome back to the states.

  5. The pictures from your trip are lovely! And the list of activities during your stay are exactly my idea of a relaxing time (especially yarn shopping!).

    Thanks for sharing it all!

    Katherine @ thistle handmade

  6. haven't been in a while...so busy.

    i love that you had a trip home and everyone dyed together with such gorgeous results.

    happy belated (it's not so bad)

  7. woops I forgot I was in my partner's account....it's Barbara from sparrowavenue.blogspot.com

  8. happy birthday me dear
    lovely to see the magic bundles
    and the thought of you all having good times together

  9. Happy Birthday Lotta!
    I just heard that Barack Obama turns 50 today too, so you are in good company :-)

  10. Going home is good for the heart. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. My homeland vacation is unfortunately coming to an end. Have enjoyed meeting up with friends (you know who you are), walks in the woods and the space to brew some interesting dyes.
    Big hugs and belated birthday wishes!!!! xoxox

  11. vi var nog i sverige samtidigt. :-) kivik är så fin. fint att din resa var så bra. min var också det. hade inte varit i över 5 år!

  12. Wishing you a beautiful, if very belated, birthday Lotta! I absolutely adore these images from Sweden, as they connect me to you and my son's beloved first teacher. My heart is warm this morning, thank you.


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