Friday, August 12, 2011

on the fast track

There has been no time to slowly ease into a routine of work, boys, and household chores. Instead I am frantically preparing for a group show with my friends from fiber transformed. The pieces are all about sunflowers, swans, wool, and eco dyed cloth (details to come). It is due in just over a week for installation at Suffolk Art Gallery. Way too soon.

Most of the work is accomplished in my new studio at Chroma Projects. I love being in this place surrounded by my own art, far from other distractions (no computer, no dirty dishes, no eager dogs). I still need to tweak the division between the printing and dyeing that I do at home, and the sewing and production happening here. It will all fall in place with time...


  1. what a beautiful space you have here. so calming. all the best with your upcoming show

  2. looks like a lovely space ..welcome home ~

  3. lotta, the tranquility and neatness of your work space mesmerize me. i want to work in there!!!


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