Tuesday, September 27, 2011

heavy machinery


There is something to be said about simple machines. Heavy steel casings, uncomplicated mechanics, and not a computer chip in sight.

I've been longing for an old manual typewriter for a while, wishing that I had saved the one we had at home when I grew up. After much searching and looking I found this Royal Futura in Agent Obsolete's etsy shop. It was made int the late 50's and arrived in perfect condition, original manuals and leather case included. I can't wait to use the typewriter for upcoming book projects, labels, and business cards. The writing looks amazing on the eco printed paper.

I bought the Viking sewing machine soon after I moved to the US in 1988. She was made in the late 70's in my home country Sweden, and was always super strong, durable, and easy to get along with. Unfortunately at one point I used the wrong thread for an upholstery project, and ever since something has been awry with the tension. The Viking was relegated to the attic for years, replaced with a series of expensive finicky German machines. Until I found the right repair man to coax her back to life. The stitch is as beautiful as ever and she has returned to the top of my sewing machine arsenal.


  1. ...when machines are trustworthy and do your bidding... instead of needing the repair capabilities of a liliputian wizard in california, SHOULD it be possible to fix the thing...

  2. Lotta these photographs are stunning! Would you share what kind of camera and lens you use? The machines remind me of several I have in storage and one I let 'get away'......a beauty of a manual typewriter I found in an antique shop in Brussels.......ahhhhhh dreams........your cards will be beautiful......!

  3. love this .. themelding of machinery and art in your amazing style ~

  4. 'Heavy machinery' can be great! I love my old original Bernina 830, she's worked none stop for me for over 34 years. And oh I wish I still had the typewrite I used for all my papers back at university. Fun post!


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