Friday, September 16, 2011

weekly bundles no. 3

Bleak and blurry was what I got. Bold and boisterous was what I wanted. I prepared an iron pot full of rain water after all our storms, added some more iron scraps, and in went the bundles, linen fabric filled with fennel, dog wood, bishops weed, white oak, linden, roses, and walnuts. Everything simmered for about two hours and was left to cool in the brew overnight, except the paper stack which was removed after an hour. While unbundling the next morning almost everything came out muddled and pale, orangy and splotchy.

rose on paper

oak on linen

oak and something yet to be identified on linen

walnut on linen

I may sound a bit disappointed, but that is not quite true. I never get truly disappointed when unveiling bundles. I think I did not wrap them tight enough this time, and maybe the lack of our chemical laden tap water made things more bland. But honestly, I adore the faint rose leaf impressions on the paper and the impressionistic qualities of the large oak leaves. And then there was the walnut. There is rarely anything disappointing about the walnut.


  1. They may not have been just what you were hoping for but.these subtle beauties are gorgeous!

  2. Walnut is magic, but I love the subtlety of the other prints too.

  3. i agree with your eval. the rose on paper is quite fine, too.

  4. you can always develop the colour after for post-dyeing dips are in Second Skin

    brew a few, dilute with water and use as developer bath...just be careful with any that include iron as it can get very dark very quickly

  5. love all your bundles..wonderful prints and colours. x lynda


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