Friday, September 9, 2011

weekly bundles no. 2

This past week I concentrated on sample dyeing, but was able to fit in one bundle with fern fronds carefully collected during a morning dog walk. The fern prints are delicate and bright green on the habotai silk. My small copper pieces went into the pot again, but no other mordants were used.

The dye samples are for the upcoming workshop. They turned out nice, with two dips each in the dye bath and the alum mordant. Promising.

tansy flowers on linen

sumac leaves on linen

artemisia leaves on linen

hops leaves and flowers on linen

calendula flowers on linen


  1. Delicate, indeed... I linked to you today...

  2. The colours are really beautiful, so lovely on the textured linen.

  3. i am enjoying, also how linen dyes

  4. Hi Lotta,
    I just found your blog, via Ger's. I'm doing a lot of eco-dyeing these days, as well. Numerous bundles most weeks.
    I'm curious if and with what you are premordanting your cellulose fabric. Also whether you are hot or cold bundling.
    Thanks for your input. Have you checked out the Found Stitched Dyed group yet on Facebook? If you haven't, do.
    Look forward to seeing how your work progresses.

  5. Lotta, these are beautiful. Love the palette derived on the linen pieces and the fern prints are gorgeous....

  6. Thank you to all. Connie, I premordant my linen by soaking them in hot water/alum/soda ash. Then I also soak them in a soy milk solution and let them dry completely before bundling. For dyeing i usually only do the soy milk soak and then alternate simmering in the dye pot with soaking in the mordant pot, rinsing in between, The more times the better...

  7. These colors are lovely! And your signature fern design is so tasteful and elegant.

    Katherine @ thistle handmade

  8. I just found your blog today--your dyed cloths are simply lovely. Am very drawn to those muted colors; I am a quilter coming back to quilting after many years away. Had done tea and coffee dying--very simplistic stuff--but wonder now why I am buying all this busy quilt fabric....thank you for such a quiet, calm and thoughtful site...Julierose


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