Monday, March 1, 2010


Quiet morning. The sun is streaming into the studio. It's warmth feels good after many long days of grayness and snow. My beloved, old, ragged kitty next to me. Lots of things on my plate, but still time to cherish a moment of solitude and peace. This troublesome quilt demands finishing, there are orders to fill, and a much needed restocking of inventory, both for the shop and The Barn Swallow. I am ready to delve into it all with a contented heart.


  1. Don't you just love it when the sun greets you like that in the morning? Such a wonderful way to start the day. Thanks for sending me some sunshine... still a little overcast over here.

    Have a lovely, productive day!



  2. The greyness of Edinburgh was also lifted today with some much needed sunshine and blue sky. The quilt you are working on looks beautiful.

  3. very nice stitching details - your kitty looks warm.

    I like images of stacks.
    glad you had a peaceful productive day xx.

  4. The quilt looks stunning Lotta...and to be able to roam through The Barn Swallow again would be pure joy.

  5. That quilt looks great. So warm, so clean...
    Have a great sunny day

  6. Such a sweet post, dear Lotta. I always feel a little more at peace when I visit here. There is such a calm, thoughtful way about you...and it's reflected beautifully in your work.


  7. just reading this left me more content. thanks, lotta.

  8. What a refreshing post to read on this busy Thursday morning! I love all the glimpses into your world, Lotta!

  9. Har helt glomt att fraga hur kisse missen mar?
    Vet att den blev diagnoserad med cancer for ett tag sedan. Hur gar det?

    Charlotta xx


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