Monday, March 15, 2010


remnant |ˈremnənt|
a small remaining quantity of something.
• a piece of cloth or carpeting left when the greater part has been used or sold.
• a surviving trace : a remnant of the past.

When I cleaned out the studio recently I was amazed to discover how much wonderful stuff I had stowed away. Ever since I launched inleaf, some six or seven years ago, I have accumulated an array of fabrics, notions, and threads. Much of it still waiting for a purpose and a plan. I have saved the tiniest scraps and the ugliest dye samplers, always thinking it may be of use some day. I have boxes of rejected leaf prints. Things that did not work for its intended purpose, for one reason or another. Most of them are lovely and deserves a better destiny. Some will be incorporated into art quilts or fiber collages. Some are becoming beautiful objects in their own right. I have enjoyed the process of planning the perfect use for a particular print, and spending time and effort into making it special. Here are a few pieces that will be listed on the website and in the etsy shop this week. More will come, salvaging discarded beauties is a new mission.


  1. Wow! Beauties, indeed. These are wonderful Lotta!

  2. Härlig inspiraton!

    Ha en underbart fin dag!
    Kram Gunilla i Singapore

  3. I can't believe you had this beautiful work hidden away! Gorgeous!

  4. All of your work is so lovely. Beautiful treasures simply hidden away in your home. I'm sure they will all find happy homes. :)

    I wanted to pay respect to your inspiring work and posted a photo of one of your lavender sachets on my site today. I just wanted to share to anyone visiting my blog just one of the many beauties out there on etsy.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  5. beautiful work...that purse is to die for~

  6. These are just gorgeous! It certainly does feel good to finally make use of stashed "scraps".

  7. It is not surprising to me that your 'remnants' and 'scraps' make such beautiful items (how could they not)! And what a creative process it must have been finding the perfect project for each...inspiration in itself!


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