Tuesday, March 9, 2010

rumination and dreams, part 3

I want a place of my own, imagining a storefront studio near Charlottesville's downtown mall, just a few blocks away from our house. I am thinking exposed brick walls, rough hewn beams, tall ceilings, lots of white, lots of light. The front would showcase my art and my goods. I would invite others artist friends to display theirs as well, to provide a nice selection of locally made, handcrafted beauty. The back is to be my studio with big tables and room to spread out, with plenty of storage space for inventory and supplies. This will be a place to meet with customers and clients, and the work process will become public to demonstrate what handmade is all about. I will hire help to manage the store and assist with production. The dream goes on...



Inspiration comes from many places. Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth's Bookhou in Toronto seems like a perfect artistic venue, so does Hannah Nunn's Radiance in West Yorkshire, UK, and then there are places like Imogene + Willie in Nashville and The Barn Swallow in Ivy, Virginia... It can be done, and it can be done well. For now this remains the most unrealistic part of my hopes and aspirations (for more look here and here). We lack the capital and the time necessary to pull something like this off, and I already have a wonderful, light filled studio just a few steps from my bedroom. But dreaming and scheming is free, and maybe someday when everything is aligned, a space like one of these will be mine.

Lastly, thank you good morning – midnight for featuring my seedpod pillow on your beautiful blog last week.


  1. Ha, could you please open that place of your own in Berlin, Germany...?!

  2. Or Edinburgh? There is a wonderful open space at the end of our crescent: huge windows, wooden floor, old Victorian fireplace in the corner, little garden at the side with wrought iron railing and a basement for storage. Sigh!

  3. I wish all your dreams come true... sooner or later... Open your own studio, it's a big dream.. if it'll come true...I'll hope to visit it someday.

  4. How amazing this will be someday... your dreams are so vivid and real, they will come true...xo

  5. I have a feeling this dream will come true, Lotta. You are so talented and have such a calm, gentle manner... I can imagine no better way to spend an afternoon, than going over to your shop and talking and and looking and feeling all the wonderful textures and work you'd have to offer... I'm not super close, but 6 hours in a car is worth it to come visit your shop, whenever that dream comes true.


  6. That could be so great!
    Here we have sun...you could also open here!
    Hope it become real soon. I wish I would. And I think you can.

  7. I saw the pictures of Hanna's new shop ... very inspiring. I am sure you will find the right place for you very soon. Happy week end !!

  8. Beautiful post! Your words were so inspiring to me. If you ever do open your shop, consider me travelling to visit or better yet, if you need an employee... :)

    Always love when you stop by to say hi at my blog. Thank you so much.


  9. I will work for free!!!

    Klart att drömmen blir verklighet. Det tror jag om dig!

    Cyber hug,


  10. Oh Lotta,

    I can just see it now. This is how it all begins - a tiny thought, a doodle in a sketchbook, a post in a blog...watch the energy grow from here on.....

    I think you will do it and I can't wait to see!


  11. I am with Monika - I will be your studio hand! :)

    Your dream will be real one day - I know it! You've taken the first step.. putting it out there!

    Kram till dig!


    Tusen tack for gullig 'tummen upp' pa Facebook.

  12. it started out the same way scheming and dreaming - it's not as hard as you think - of course it was probably the scariest decision, but also the best. Looking forward to your visit.

  13. It would be such a treat to come and visit your someday shop :) Your one day in the near future I hope, I hope show!

  14. I wish you had this lovely place soon Lotta,it's difficult also here in Spain..we are trying also to have a nice studio...I think we have to be patients and sure we'll have it! step by step!
    kisses from barcelona!

  15. Thank you for all the encouragement from near and afar! I am determined that it will happen one of these days. I'll continue to sketch, plan, ponder, and save up some cash... You will all be reminded to come and visit when the time is right.

  16. Oh what a wonderful dream. Dream on Lotta!!! I am rooting for you xo

  17. my cousin used to have a wonderful shop with exposed brick and it always felt so homey to walk inside! I hope you get your dream :)

  18. I am working my way back from a fire, with these same thoughts in mind. I am also in Virginia, near Va Beach.


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