Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photo no. 10

Last week I was tagged by Hannah with the challenge to post and tell the story behind the tenth photo in my first picture folder. Here it is. This picture of the back of our house was published in Metropolitan Home's January 2002 issue as part of their reader's house renovation competition. We had finished a major kitchen redo the summer before, and were so happy with the result and to have survived the project (3 months with a microwave and a hotplate, dishes done in the bathroom sink), that we decided to enter the competition. We did not win the grand prize, but we were finalists and our kitchen and the house was featured in the magazine. The kitchen still looks good, and the bad renovation memories have faded by now.

I am supposed to pass on the honor. Here are the rules for this fun tag:
1. open your first folder of pictures
2. scroll to the tenth picture
3. post the photo and the story behind it
5. tag 5 more people

and here are the friends now on the line:


  1. Lovely photo!
    Have a great week.

  2. Wow! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Love all those windows :)

  3. I am drooling over your lovely house!!

  4. Your house (and landscaping) are beautiful! I can see why it was chosen as a finalist!

    Thanks for the tag! I'm swamped right now but as soon as I can, I'll participate in the fun! I'm guessing that there is a 95% chance that it'll end up being a picture of an elk! :)

  5. OMY my heart leaped when I saw my name.. Tusen tack / thank you - how fun.

    So the first folder in my personal file right.. Am off to look now.

    Lotta - det var sa roligt att du tittade forbi hos mig. Har saknat dig. Hoppas att allt ar bra med dig och dina killar. Du kan val skriva nagra rader nar du har tid.

    Stor kram


  6. Any yes, I agree with Rachel - your house looks amazing! The setting and the whole appearance. Looks to be a happy place to live!

    xx Charlotta

  7. How fun Lotta! And what a gorgeous and wonderful home. Did not expect anything less!

    Kramar i rymden,


  8. Oh, dear..! How did I miss this??

    First of all, your house, Lotta..! I mean, I always had a sense that it was beautiful from the little peeks we got here and there, but... It's beyond beautiful! Truly. And your garden is of course an inspiration.

    Secondly, I will have to look at my files and post at some point. Thank you - you are a dear and I feel like a complete doofus for not having seen this earlier. I apologize. I've been kind of out of the blog loop lately... Sigh.

    all my love,

  9. Well Maria, feel a bit better now because how woeful am I seeing this in mid-MAY?!! I could weep I am so behind on my friend's blogs.

    Lotta, your house is amazing! I will do this, better late than never. What picture folder though? Just my photo library on my computer or in my Flickr or...?


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