Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so grateful

Recently Kristel over at Vlijtig held a drawing to celebrate her 50th post. The winner was selected among visitors who left a comment on her blog during the month of April and the price was one of her beautiful fabric baskets. Guess what – her daughter pulled my name out of the pile! I usually never win anything but I am so happy that I got lucky this time. The basket is just exquisite. My linen threads and favorite embroidery floss nestles just perfect within and it is such a bright addition to my studio decor. Tusen tack, Kristel.    

Monday, May 26, 2008

soccer weekend

Both of my boys played in a large soccer tournament in Richmond, Virginia, this past weekend. The weather was fantastic, sunny, breezy, and hovering around 75 degrees. My main responsibility was water fetching, food providing, grimy gear washing, and lots of cheering. I must admit that I love the game of soccer. It is the a national sport in my native Sweden (after ice hockey) and now I enjoy watching all levels of soccer here in the US. My sons are both quite good and they did well in the tournament. My oldest (number 5) is in the midst of the action in the photo above.  None of them won the big prize, but they were both content and happy. And so was I.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

broad appetit revisited

Here are the photos from last weekend. I didn't capture much of the food scene (besides me stuffing my face) or the street party, or the bad weather... Looking back it seems like we had a splendid time. Thank you Jenny for lending me your loyal mannequin. 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

green veil

This is the view from my boys' tree house. This time of year you are engulfed in the hackberry's lush greenery when perched on the tiny porch of their hideaway. It is the best spot. 
Tired but content, I just returned from the Broad Appetit food festival in Richmond. The afternoon was filled with sights, aromas, tastes, and lots of wonderful people. Unfortunately a spring rainstorm blew in after a few hours, which did not deter food loving visitors, but made things a bit more difficult for an art vendor with a booth filled with delicate linens...

I'll have photos to show later this week, as my camera right now is en route to Québec with my lovely husband who left shortly after the show was over. This week I hope to have time to regroup. The blog posts in general have been erratic and my weekly delights are anything but weekly. I promise to do better. I have long list of people and things that make my heart sing, ready for sharing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

artistic feast

Next weekend I am participating in Broad Appetit in downtown Richmond, Virginia. This inaugural culinary event celebrates all aspects of food including the Art Buffet where I, along with a dozen other artists, will showcase food related work and objects.  In the Inleaf booth you'll find towels, table runners, napkins, and aprons. There will also be plenty of opportunity to sample delicious food from many of Richmond's finest restaurants, enjoy fun music, listen to engaging lectures, and buy local goodies at the Locavore market place. Please join us if you are in the Richmond area! Broad Appetit runs from 12 - 5 on Sunday, May 18. For more information and directions visit the Broad Appetit website.
PS. Happy mother's day to all creative mothers out there!

Monday, May 5, 2008

on a brighter note

The fruits on our plum trees are abundant this year. By late July they should be ready for eating, seductively sweet and juicy. The tulip poplar is dropping its unusual but beautiful flowers all over the back yard. My lovely husband made a Jeffersonian gate for the vegetable garden. It is so elegant and fits well with the raised beds. I am happy. 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

failed attempts

This past week was not one of my best. Amidst all busyness there were two projects that I really wanted to accomplish and because of my own obsessions both fell through. My friend Carrie is expecting triplets and i really wanted to finish these little japanese style booties before the baby shower. I was off to a good start - the fabric was cut and the pattern seemed easy enough, but as soon as I began to assemble and sew hesitation hit. There was a lot of bulk from the seam allowances inside the shoe, and the raw edges, although finished, was showing, and would these things even stay on little, tiny, baby feet... Needless to say I went off to the shower without the booties. 
I was also working on a submission to Gallery Up's upcoming art show 30 small works. For months I had planned for this, but once I really got started, granted late in the game, things did not work out quite as I had planned.

I realize that I am my own worst enemy. I try hard not to be an uptight, obsessive artist, but sometimes it is so difficult to let go... The booties would probably have been fine - raw edges and all. And the leaf panels might even have made the show...
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